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Worth Search was founded in 2019 by Nolan Greenberg after leading the recruiting team inside one of the world’s fastest growing startups. Nolan got his start in the recruiting industry at an agency focused on hiring software engineers for banks and hedge funds. In 2014, Nolan joined Compass to build the recruiting strategy and team, while leading the search for top talent to fill positions across Engineering, Product, Operations, Sales, Finance, Marketing & Creative, HR, and Strategy. He helped scale the Compass team from 30 full-time employees to more than 2,000 in 200 offices nationwide, while creating a Glassdoor “Best Places to Work” award-winning employer brand with more than 150,000 annual job applicants.


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Nolan Greenberg

Nolan is a proud Wisconsin native and avid sports fan of the Packers, Brewers, Bucks, and Badgers. He attended the University of Delaware where he was captain of the varsity tennis team. Nolan currently lives in Brooklyn with his fiancé Lauren. He has a passion for travel, trying as many restaurants as humanly possible, and the movie game (ask him about it).